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At SOS Janitorial Supplies, we stock a wide range of PPE, including a selection of latex and vinyl disposable gloves. Specialising in a large selection of commercial and industrial cleaning products and equipment in Walthamstow, we can guarantee that you will find what you’re looking for.

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Why Use Disposable Gloves?

Single use disposable gloves have become fundamental in a range of workplaces such as the medical, dentistry, beauty & tattoo industries because they enable superior performance. They are perfect for tough jobs as they are extremely durable, which is what many of these professionals rely on.

Disposable gloves are not a substitute for good hand hygiene, but they are essential in preventing the accidental contraction of infectious diseases or exposure to drugs and chemicals, while offering a more sensitive feel and touch when performing a procedure. As sanitation is very important in a range of industries, wearing disposable gloves is one of the most common forms of measures taken to prevent the risk of contamination. In some work environments, employees are at risk of encountering unexpected hazards, so disposable gloves will help protect against unknown substances on your skin.

You will always have maximum protection with disposable gloves. They are inexpensive and can always be at hand. For more information, contact SOS Janitorial Supplies or visit our Facebook page.

Our Products

SOS Janitorial Supplies has provided a large range of professional cleaning supplies and equipment to commercial and industrial customers to Walthamstow and across the UK since 2015. All products and equipment are sold at wholesale prices, and some of our products include:

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Which Type Of Glove Is Best?

At SOS Janitorial Supplies, we stock two types of disposable gloves used in professional industries; latex and nitrile. Both carry a range of pros and cons, so it is important you do your research before you choose which type is best for you and/or your customers.

Latex gloves come powdered and unpowdered and are popular in many medical facilities. They protect your hands from dangerous substances, are easy to apply and are comfortable when on. However, just under 10% of people in the UK are allergic to latex, so you must be careful and check with your customers beforehand.

Nitrile gloves are close to latex gloves in the levels of protection they offer. They are made from synthetic rubber and offer protection from dangerous substances, are very strong and very easy to work in due to fitting around hands snugly. The texture of nitrile gloves enhances sensitivity and makes gripping things easier. For latex allergy sufferers, this type of glove is best and the majority of them are powder-free. However, they are more expensive compared to latex but reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

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