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SOS Janitorial Supplies specialises in the provision of commercial and industrial cleaning products to Stratford and across the country. We stock a wide range of cleaning products and equipment, including hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes, at wholesale prices.

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Quality Hand Sanitizer

We supply quality AHS Sanitizer (Alcohol Hand Sanitizer) that can be used in a range of different institutions where germs spread easily. Containing 60% alcohol, our hand sanitizer is a staple in ensuring your hands are kept clean. When soap and water isn’t available, our portable hand sanitizer is the next best thing.

Our hand sanitiser is fast-drying and acts quick to kill micro-organisms on your hands, proven to kill gram negative and gram positive bacteria. It can be used in any environment where hand hygiene is important. It passes British Standard EN 1040 (2005), so it is highly effective in helping reduce the risk of the spread of germs and bacteria.

All sanitizers are designed to reduce and kill 99.9% of bacteria. Workplaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria and members of staff who are sick can spread their germs easily across surfaces. Our hand sanitizer is designed to prevent the spread of these germs and keep you protected to an extent. At SOS Janitorial supplies, we can provide our effective sanitizer to your workplace. The majority of germs and bacteria is spread through touch, so implementing effective solutions within a workplace is important in reducing the risk of illness and number of absences.

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Our Products

We supply a large range of high-quality, professional cleaning supplies and equipment to commercial and domestic customers in Stratford and across the country. Some of our products include:

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Multi-purpose Anti-Bacterial Wipes

At SOS Janitorial Supplies, we supply 2 in 1 hand and surface anti-bacterial wipes. They contain chlorhexidine – a disinfectant with anti-bacterial and anti-septic action. The wipes leave a fresh fragrance, are gentle on skin which leaves hands soft, and can also be used on hard surfaces.

When applied to surfaces or skin, anti-bacterial wipes decrease or kills the presence of bacteria. Using anti-bacterial wipes can prevent the spread of diseases and infection, keeping you and everyone around you safe. They are also easy and more convenient to use in a busy environment, enabling you or others to effortlessly sanitize hands, surfaces and equipment quickly.

These wipes do not contain harmful chemicals like bleach, meaning they are suited to everyone. They kill up to 99% of germs and reduce the risk of cross-contamination in a range of commercial premises and are portable, so can be used on the go to disinfect things such as doorknobs and counter-tops. Our wipes are of the highest quality and incredibly reliable.

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Local Sanitizer & Anti-Bacterial Wipe Suppliers

For quality hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes at wholesale prices, get in touch with SOS Janitorial Supplies in Stratford. Keeping yourself and employees safe at all times is a high priority, especially from the spread of germs and bacteria. To make an enquiry about our stock, call SOS Janitorial Supplies on: 0800 368 9922.

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